Turning Your Waste Into Something Good

“Turning your waste into something good! ”

The Waste4Good is aiming to solve the waste problem and food insecurity caused by COVID-19 by providing W4G products to promote healthier and more sustainable food sources. The W4G pivoted from Solar-powered & Automatic Bin into Waste4Good Planting Kit with the Compost Activator Solution (CAS) to provide a solution for COVID-19 impacts while mitigating the bio-waste problem. The Planting Kit is a complete set of planting materials for urban farming. Our products will utilize biodegradable waste with the help of CAS and reduce the waste 8x smaller. Using our products, the user can produce their healthy food at home faster and easier.

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What is Waste4Good Planting Kit?

Waste4Good planting kit is a complete package for urban farming that utilizes waste to promote healthier and sustainable food growing. We can help the urban community to solve the food insecurity caused by COVID-19 through our product which promotes a sustainable and healthier food source. Unlike unsustainable relief goods and not scalable recycled planting methods, we offer a portable, scalable, usable, and affordable solution.

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What is inside the Planting Kit?

Compost Activator Solution - ( CAS )

It contains beneficial microorganisms that can:

Promotes soil quality
Eliminates bad odor
Improves crop nutrient absorption
Boosts crop immunity
Improves crop quality, and more

Waste4Good Upcycled Bucket

The Waste4Good Upcycled bucket was produced from single used plastics such as shampoo sachets, plastic bottles, and more.



TECH PLANTER in the Philippines 2021

TECH PLANTER is a platform that Leave a Nest has started since 2014 to support Deep-Tech startups around the world. We are conducting this program in 6 countries in ASEAN region and our network has gown to over 700 teams since 2014.


Nest Garage 2021.3 Vol. 8

Thank you very much Leave a Nest Group !! Running a social enterprise makes us proud and worthy to give the younger generations a brighter and sustainable future. The future is not about financial success but about a sustainable environment and rightful solutions.


CAS Poultry Trial 2020

Our CAS is not only for biodegradable waste utilization but also for poultry application. The CAS will help to boost poultry immunity! #CASPoultryTrial2020


CAS Vegetable Trial

Since we are using the CAS to grow our own food (CAS further trial) and we have more than enough, we are starting to sell these now. This activity will help us to have an early additional market traction. Wanna avail these veggies?! Soon...

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